Salons are not just for the females anymore, the barber shop business has evolved from its near extinction to new levels of luxury. GoodFellas Barber Shop of North Scottsdale is one of those reformulated barber shops. GoodFellas Barber Shop is located on the northwest corner of Raintree and the 101, next to Paradise Bakery.

Sticking to the theme of the name, which is inspired by the popular 1990 gangster movie of the same name, GoodFellas Barber Shop's tagline is "Where you're part of the Family." This is held true with the fact you will be greeted and groomed by a friendly and professional barber, assuring a trusted familiar face holding the razor to your throat and clippers to your scalp.

One of these faces is the general manager, Sam. He has been cutting hair in Arizona since 1999. GoodFellas Barber Shop is open 7 days a week (yes, they are open Sundays), and assures nothing but the best and time efficient services. Sam says most clients visit the shop at least once a month and he has some that come weekly for that close straight-edge shave.

Beyond the shaves, customers regularly visit GoodFellas Barber Shop for their signature shoulder and upper back massage that completes every service. GoodFellas Barber Shop offer service names such as "The Wack or The Forgetaboutit" for a great haircut and shampoo, or "The Whole Shabang" haircut, shampoo, shave, facial and face massage. Some services also include a complimentary cigar, which adds to the high class, indulgent yet masculine environment.

In addition, the shop's interior design is dominated by black leather furniture, hardwood floors and carved wood stations with granite countertops, creating a classic and suave atmosphere. Each station has a personal flat screen television, which can be turned to any station of the customer's choice. Each hair cutting station also include private sinks so customers don't have to walk between styling and washing stations as is the case in many other salons.

GoodFellas Barber Shop caters to men with a simple list of services: shampoos, haircuts, shaves and facials. They also sell men hair and skin care products by American Crew. In addition, packages for bachelor parties and other groups are available.
If you want to be a "Part of the Family" and look good in the process, GoodFellas Barber Shop is an ideal place for you.


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